Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you again for the silver platters. You have done just beautiful work. If you could have seen my daughters face, I think you would have been pleased. I think she will be sending you items also. Thank you!

Jill H., Clarksburg, WV

Thank you for taking care of the repair of my sterling silver coffee pot so promptly and so well. More will follow.

David B., New York, NY

Dear Mr. Friedman,
I have just received my silver sugar spoon that I have sent to you for repair. Looks just beautiful! You can’t even tell, that it was broken in half. You do miracles! This spoon was my grandmother’s wedding gift. She lost all her silver during the Second World War. The spoon was given to me by my mom to pass to my daughter on her wedding day. It means the world to me that you have fixed this spoon so well. And on the top, the return shipping service was just speedy quick!
Thank you so much! Best regards,

Joanna S., Mansfield, MA

Hello, Dave,
The re-silvered pieces arrived in today’s mail. They are beautiful! You did a great job with pieces that had been treated poorly over many years. I was worried about doing this deal long distance, but you made it seem like it was just down the street where we could chat eye-to-eye if need be. Thank you so much.

Claire M., Eugene, OR

The pieces arrived yesterday, but I didn’t have a chance to unpack them until this morning. They are perfect! I very much appreciate your careful work, and will definitely recommend you to anyone needing this type of repair service. We look forward to using the flatware for many years to come.

Elizabeth A., New York, NY

Dave, The repaired fork and spoon arrived today and you have performed a remarkable repair. I can only say thanks from the bottom of my heart. It means so much to my wife and, of course me, who was the one who put it in the garbage disposal, to see it transformed as you have done.


Bill H., Albuquerque, NM

Received my Mendez mouthpiece that you silver plated. Extraordinary, excellent work. Great fast, reasonable, and quick service. Thank you. I will be sure to refer you to friends.

Cleveland M., Pavilion, WY

Dear Sir, the knife arrived today, thank you. It looks perfect and as new. It may not have any commercial value, but it was part of my parents’ wedding silverware present in 1952. It has been heavily used since they gave it to me (much more than they ever used it), hence the unfortunate broken blade. However, now, thanks to you and your outstanding job, it will be used again.
Thank you again for the great service.

Alain M., Mount Dessert, ME

Thank you! I am so very appreciative of your fantastic workmanship!  It is so sad the younger generation does not appreciate the beauty of the silver or the craftsmanship that goes into creating a piece.  Silver is truly a work of art!  Thank you again.

Nancy M., Lincoln, CA

We received the goblets. They look fantastic! Thank you!

Robert M., Ohio

Dear David,

The repaired antique English coffee spoon arrived today.  It looks fantastic – considering the extent of the damage I did by running it through the garbage disposal – twice!  I would not have believed that you could fix it – but I am a believer now.  It’s one of 6 well-ornamented coffee spoons from a set made in the 17 or 1800s and it is hard to tell without very close examination that this spoon was damaged.  My family uses the spoons regularly for our home-made cappuccinos.  You did the work quickly and kept me up to date on repair and shipping times/methods.  Thank you for your exceptional work and professionalism.  I appreciate it.

Jean C., Carlsbad, CA

David, once again, a fantastic job! Many thanks! All the best.

Rich J., New Jersey