Silver Repair and Replating Services


Silver Repair, Replating & Restoration Services

silver repair friedman silversmithsSilversmith, David Friedman offers a variety of silversmithing services, including repairs to silver plate and sterling silver, silver plating, nickel plating and gold plating, silver flatware repairs including garbage disposal damages to silver, polishing, soldering, straightening, dent removal, knife blade replacements and more, ensuring the perfect restoration for your treasured silver and metal piece.

Silver plated flatware items will eventually show wear in the form of scratches and dents.  Minor wear can be professionally cleaned, polished, and buffed to achieve its original luster.  More severe wear may require the piece to be re-plated with silver to restore it to its original beauty.  Every silver repair or restoration order is completed personally by David.

Silver Repair Services include:

• Silver Plating:

We plate with a very heavy deposit of silver, providing for many years of durability.

• Knife blade replacement/repair:

• Straightening bent, twisted silver
• Dent and scratch removal
candelabra silver repair friedman silversmiths• Silver Polishing – meticulously hand-polished
• Garbage Disposal Damaged Flatware:

Has the disposal mangled your favorite silver and stainless steel flatware?  We can help.

Silver Soldering

Expertly done.  Neat, clean results.

And much more, including:

Repair of bronze, brass, copper, pewter, and spelter (zinc alloy)
Gold plating: 14k, 18k, 24k
Nickel plating
Repairs of non-antique metal items