About Us – Friedman Silversmiths


About Us – Friedman Silversmiths

By hand. Nowadays, not everybody works that way.

David Friedman never cuts corners and knows that the best way to bring silver back to life is to repair it by hand.

David’s Background

David Friedman SilversmithsDavid Friedman began his silver repair career at 23, but he’s never stopped learning.  David originally trained as an apprentice for five years in the art of repairing brass and woodwind musical instruments. After his apprenticeship, he opened a shop on his own to serve customers in Los Angeles.  He transitioned into silversmithing more than 25 years ago and has been perfecting his craft ever since.  David has acquired a collection of historical and technical books detailing silversmithing techniques, which he has used to further his skills in the trade.

His Expertise with Silver Restoration

Through decades of hands-on experience, David has learned to manage any challenge.  David has developed a keen eye for silver antiques and flatware repair.  By carefully examining each task individually, he can expertly diagnose what repairs an antique silver item needs to restore its elegance.

Through diligent study and developing his own unique tools, David has learned how to tackle even the toughest jobs.  He also knows how to make routine maintenance an exercise in preserving the brilliance of antique silver and flatware.

His Commitment to Craftsmanship

Bringing antiques back to life is part of David’s passion for silversmithing.  Some may think their heirlooms are too damaged or tarnished to be saved. But David has brought antiques back from the brink with his deep knowledge of silversmithing techniques.

Part of David’s professional satisfaction is returning antiques to his clients in a beautifully restored condition — which they may not have seen for more than a lifetime.

Gorham Sterling Child’s Cup

David now makes his home surrounded by natural beauty in the Pacific Northwest city of Bellingham, Washington.  He continues to embrace the philosophy of the “Golden Rule” and uses that as his guide when working with clients.