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 List of Flatware Repair Services

   ~ Silver Plating ~ Gold Plating
   ~ Garbage Disposal Repairs
      Miracles Performed!
   ~ Cleaning and Polishing
   ~ Straightening
   ~ Soldering
   ~ Knife Blade Replacements
   ~ Sterling Flatware Repairs
   ~ Silver Plate Repairs
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 Flatware repair, re-plating and restoration is one of our
As you can see from these samples, you can let David Friedman return your flatware to it's
former beauty...You'll be amazed and delighted with the results.

   From tarnished, scratched, bent and pitted condition, to a gorgeous jewelry finish; whether
Sterling Silver or pieces needing  silver re-plating (heavy re-plating), all work is personally
performed by David in his work studio for your complete satisfaction.
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David Friedman

   See:   "When Quality Really Counts" (click to read)                 which is our guarantee.
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Flatware Replacement Services
We have been asked where to find
replacements pieces for our client's
Sterling or Silverplate sets.  We have two
referrals we would like to give you.  Click on
the link and it will take you directly to their
websites.  We have personally done
business with both and have been very
David Friedman

Antique Cupboard                            
Nancy's Silver
Silver Re-Plating Flatware
(Click photos to enlarge Flatware Repair Samples)
Knife Blade Repalcement, hand polish handles.
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